4.85 Rating (Out of 5)

Why would you settle for less than perfect, when the perfect cleaning is available too?

The highest ratings

Our cleaners are provenly the best in business. They are continously getting above 4.85 ratings from the toughest crowd, those who are renting apartment short term. With this ratings we are the market leaders.

The strictest protocols

We are working with the strictest protocols in peace time too, but now amidst the coronavirus crisis, we notched it up even more. Probably we are the only one on the public market who is working with licensed antiviral disinfectant on the most critical surfaces. While our cleaners wearing full protective gear and clothing. The results: perfect cleanliness!


We work with our own, well-paid employees who are part of our team for a long time. So we take responsibility not only for the quality of their work, but also for their reliability. Our company also has a 20 million liability insurance.

Why would you settle for less than the perfect cleaning?

It causes headache to you to to find a cleaner who is not only reliable, but do spotless cleaning as well? Let’s be honest it is difficult to find one who at least satisfy one of the criterion. So it is difficult to satisfy one of our basic needs: to have a clean and healthy enviroment. Not anymore! Finally, you can have in your home a cleanliness akin to the best five star luxury hotels.


Who are we?

We started in 2015 with a mission: let’s bring quality without compromise to the short-term rental industry. Including spotless, hotel quality cleaning. We are the only on the Hungarian market earning AirBnb Superhost status even with a 50 apartments portfolio. This is only awarded to those who fulfill this quality mission, and earn at least a 4.8 ratings.

In 2019 we started on the long term rental management market too, where the quality service where sorely missing too. We quickly increased our portfolio to 40 apartments solely based on personal referrals.

In 2020 we bring top notch quality cleaning to your home too. If you always dreamed about having the same sparkling cleanliness in your apartment as in a five start luxury hotel, then don’t hesitate, order our service now!


Our services

We devised our services specifically for those who are looking for a reliable and expert cleaner to do regular cleaning in their home. We try to arrange the same cleaner for each occasion. Also, before the first cleaning one of our cleaning manager will conduct a short, but thorough consultation to assess your needs exactly. Our managers then check the finished work through our online system. Our cleaning pricing is based on square meter, but can be customized to special needs as well. Fill out our form here to get a quote.


Fight against the coronavirus

Our cleaners follow the strictest protocols in the fight against the virus. They do the cleaning with disposable linen (new one for each room). They wear deposable plus N95 masks and protective googles to ensure complete two way protections. They are of course wearing a new rubber glove for each cleaning along with foot bag and hair protector. In order that our cleaners can avoid public transportation, we are transporting each of them by car to everywhere. We use the best cleaning products ont he market that remove all germs from the surfaces. From every surface because we really clean all the surfaces that can come into daily contact with anyone. The most critical surfaces (such as handles, bathroom areas  etc.) we clean with a special, licensed virucid disinfectant. This how we ensure a maximally healthy enviroment in your home.


What our customers are saying…

Sparkling clean and exactly how is was advertised.

Punctual, precise and well organized team. Everything was good.

Everything was clean as promised and much better.

What a gem. The apartment is super clean.

The place was very clean.

Beautiful, clean apartment

Why would you settle for less