Our pricing

Our pricing is based on square meter. It is important to stress that even our „base” cleaning process is very extensive. We not only clean the surfaces and saniters (much more thoroughly than usual) but for instance we also disinfect handles, switches and we clean all kitchen equipment as well that are in daily use. For extras we only count things such as window cleaning or a complete cleaning of a bookshelf or washing and ironing.

Our square meter based net prices are the following

  • 30-50nm – 7.000 - 9.000Ft

  • 50-70nm – 10.000 -12.000Ft

  • 70-90nm – 13.000 -16.000Ft

  • 90-110nm – 16.000-18.000Ft

  • 110-130nm – 18.000 - 23.000Ft

  • 130nm-150nm – 23.000 - 26.000Ft

  • 150nm - ask our special offer

  • Special discount if you order more than one cleaning per week.

  • For one time cleaning-deep cleaning we can give a quote based on the specific needs.

* There is no base fee for district 5th and inner areas of 6th and 7th district. Fort the outer parts of  6th, 7th and 8th district plus for the inner parts of the 9th and 13th district the base price is net 1500HUF. Fort the 1th, 2nd, 3rd and 12th district plus tot he inner parts of the 11th district and to the outer parts of 9th and 13th district our base price is 2500HUF.

We are able to do cleaning outside of the listed zones as well. For a quote please get in touch with us.

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